Members of the E. Porter Alexander, Camp 158 take pride in our Southern Heritage.  We are involved in many projects, events, and civic endeavors.  Because Augusta is a border city between Georgia and South Carolina, our membership comes from both states.  We take part in many events and projects in South Carolina as well as our home state of Georgia.


Our major heritage preservation efforts involve the Confederate Dead Section at Magnolia Cemetery in Augusta, restoration and historical preservation of the Confederate Powder Works Chimney by the Augusta Canal, and restoration and preservation of the Confederate Monument on Broad Street.

  • The camp watches over the Confederate dead in Magnolia Cemetery in Augusta.  This cemetery holds over nine hundred Confederate graves, including seven Confederate Generals.  On a monthly schedule, camp members manicure the grounds around these graves and as necessary replace aging and damaged markers.

  • We are the caretakers and guardians of the Confederate Powder Works Chimney,  the last remaining structure funded, engineered, and constructed by the Confederacy.  Virtually entirely through the efforts of Camp 158, funds were acquired for the badly needed restoration of the chimney to assure its presence for another hundred years.  Restoration was completed in March of 2010.  Currently the camp is working with the Augusta Canal Authority, to improve access to the chimney and to provide period flags, informative plaques and items at its base.

  • Camp 158 is now working with the city of Augusta to clean and make minor repairs to the Confederate Monument on Broad Street.  To protect the base, a chain fence is being erected and brick pavers are being added in honor of individual Confederate soldiers.  PAVER APPLICATION

A major purpose of Camp 158 is to participate in Confederate memorial services, dedications and rededications.  These observances are held both annually and as requested by the UDC, other heritage, civic and government entities and individuals.  Many camp members turn out in period dress for these events.

As part of our charge to "see that the true history of the south is presented" the camp is present at many festivals and local events throughout the CSRA, and distributes information to educate the public on the real history of the War for Southern Independence.
The camp raises funding and provides labor for the erection of many Southern heritage flag poles in the CSRA.                                                                              
As a community service project, the camp has adopted the Augusta West Parkway and keeps it clean of trash and debris.                                                                              

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